The Horse Book Series


“I really loved learning even more about horses than I already do, and it was so much fun teaching my younger sisters all about horses. We loved the illustrations and fun stories”

Alya Meshar alMheiri ( Emirati showjumper aiming for Olympics) instagram: @alya_meshar_almheiri

“Very interesting educational series…

“سلسلة تعليمية ممتعة جدا

Malak AlBalushi ( Oman’s Youngest Author, and Radio show presenter)
instagram: @malak_albulushi10
United States of America

South Africa


Sri Lanka
Sultanate of Oman 
New Zealand



“”Reading the Horse Book Series makes me want to spend more time riding and caring for horses”

Mohammed Raif alHarthi ( Amateur Horserrider & Sailor)

“The Horse Book Series is delightful! Ilhaam AlMaskery has produced a set of books that are both fun and informative. The illustrations are thoughtful and add to the reading experience. If your child is a horse enthusiast, this series is for you! The Horse Activity Book was specially designed to complement the Horse Book Series. It is full of fun and educational activities for children of all ages. Using this book with the series will make it an even better experience.”

Jonna Rege ( Educational Specialist, California)

“ The Horse Book Series is a creative way to teach children about the responsibility of horse riding and caretaking. My animal-loving children loved reading the series!”

Chantelle Blake (Homeschooling Mom & Freelance writer)

هذه السلسلة إضافة ثقافية الى الأبناء من خلالها يعيش الطفل التجربة و الواقع، كما أن أسلوبها يخذ طفلك إلى رحلة استكشافية الى عالم الخيل سيدرك مالم يدركه من قبل. أنها لك و بين يديك

سعيد العبري، مؤلف موسوعة خُلِقَت لتعدو

“The Horse Book Series encourages our children to be inquisitive and helps them develop greater awareness, appreciation and respect for animals and nature” 

Hamdan alYahayi (Author of Dreamaholics)


The Horse Book Series is a great way to introduce children into the horse riding world in an enticing and fun way! The series is educational and embeds the love for horses in children and adults.” 

– Nadra al Amri (Show Jumper and Former UKCC Equestrian Coach)